Why is it so hard to acquire soft skills?

Conference theme hosted by BUSINESSCOOL:

Being an executive or Manager implies the use of many soft-skills. These skills, contrary to what their denomination suggests, are of paramount importance. They are the ones that underlie, in each of us, the ability to optimally implement the hard skills that we have.

What are the issues related to the acquisition and development of soft skills?

The purpose of this micro-conference is to help understand the mechanisms that are prevalent in the development of soft skills and the direct impact of the latter on the operational capabilities of the company.

All of this can be measured and evaluated today.

The conference closes on the practical way to progress on the ability to deal actively with such an issue.

This conference is moderated by Martine Canon and Dominique GAVOTTO, experts in project management, in the development of managerial and operational culture and in improving relational capacities.

Dominique Gavotto

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