Digital Transformation with Fastdiag

The digital transformation is running, it’s inevitable. This change in practices, uses and references, deeply challenges all sectors of economic activity. Whole parts of the industry and services are being jostled.

A large part of French companies are struggling to undertake this major transformation, without which many of them will remain on the roadside in the next 5 to 10 years.

The conclusions of the large study conducted by BPI France with more than 1800 SME executives and ETI published in September 2017, shows that the central axis of such a transformation of enterprises requires the essential control of the following capacities (see Diagram below):

  • Project Management
  • Agility
  • Transversality
  • Open Management
  • Collaborative Intelligence

Fastdiag, the diagnostic tool for operational and managerial efficiency, contributes directly and innovatively to this digital transformation by enabling companies:

  • The factual assessment of their abilities on the required themes: agility, openness, collaboration, projects…
  • The precise identification of the points of improvement and the actions to be carried out.
  • The setting up of a measurement repository and an annual progression monitoring.

In conclusion:

  • Digital transformation requires an agile, open and collaborative organization.
  • No rapid and mastered progression without relevant, comprehensive and factual indicators and targeted improvement paths.
  • Fastdiag, the tool that puts you in the starting-Blocks of digital transformation

Link: study BPI France

Dominique Gavotto

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