The BusinessCool Company

Some elements of context that we have observed:

  • Change is now all the time,
  • Companies need to be agile in adapting to a constantly moving environment,
  • Technologies change the uses, change the relationship between customers and businesses,
  • Companies increase their requirements and enjoy instant answers,
  • Companies are struggling to analyze their internal functioning and are restricted to observing symptoms rather than causes
  • Agility requires excellence in managerial capabilities

In order to act, the leader has to understand the challenges to be addressed in a lucid manner and to know the capacities available to him to implement his action plan.
A diagnosis of the company’s operational capabilities is essential to assess its vitality and allow the leader to build a relevant action plan.
However there are few diagnoses. The attractiveness of diagnoses is very low because they impose prohibitive costs and delays for a majority of companies and especially the SME category.

Our ambition:

Through BUSINESSCOOL, we have decided to change radically the way of carrying out diagnostics in companies:

  • To make them accessible in terms of costs
  • To make them perform in terms of deadlines
  • To make them operational in terms of reading and understanding

With the capitalization of our business experience in companies, which then led us to the council and training, we worked to provide an innovative and responsive response to business needs.

We decided to associate a set of know-how:

  • Our expertise in the business world, in terms of production, organization and management
  • Our expertise in the fields of relational intelligence and behaviour of individuals
  • Our expertise in the fields of digital and especially relational and WEB databases

Thanks to this alliance, our ambition, through BUSINESSCOOL, is to bring innovations of processes in the field of business diagnostics.

Our goal is to facilitate the relationship between the companies and the professionals of the board and the training, by responding in a way to the needs of each one.

FastDiag is the first application developed. Other projects of the same nature will complement our service to companies and consultants.

How can Businesscool help you?

Beyond its ability to conduct extremely rapid diagnostics within companies, BUSINESSCOOL helps business leaders significantly improve the operational capabilities of their institutions.

For this, BUSINESSCOOL proposes, to the leader and its teams, managerial and organisational accompaniments around the processes of the company and the joints indispensable to the optimization of the value chain.

Our skills in the behavioral field allow us to advance individuals in a profound and sustainable way. BUSINESSCOOL has established and qualified a network of stakeholders who have carried out remarkable industrial pathways and characterised by their high level of skills, pragmatism, accessibility, and goodwill coupled with a genuine Requirement.

BUSINESSCOOL addresses the problems that the leader and his company have to face, always in a global way, in order to ensure the coherence and effectiveness of the targeted actions that will be carried out.

Whether in an objective of growth, efficiency, change or transformation, we help leaders to engage their teams towards a real change in their modes of operation, their habits, through the improvement of their Managerial and operational culture.


Their course


of ESSEC training, I worked on the development of the family industrial Enterprise for many years (from 35 to 250 people).

Then I joined one of the subsidiaries of the American group Newell Rubbermaid on aspects of marketing strategy.

With these experiences, I have accompanied companies on organizational issues and strategic repositioning.

In the last five years, I have accompanied creators or business owners on the technical and behavioural aspects.

Dominique GAVOTTO

School of “Arts & Métiers”, I worked for many years in the study and realization of automated assembly and control lines as technical director and responsible R&D.
Within the Suez group, I managed until 2006, large international projects (from 2 to 25 million €) with the major players of the automobile (Brazil, China, Israel, Europe, US…)

With my experience, I joined a network specialized in behavioral and emotional intelligence with which I formed.

Over the past 10 years, I have been dedicated to coaching executives and improving their managerial and operational performance.

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