FASTDIAG Diagnosis

Operational and Managerial 


for Companies, Sites, Units

Improve the performance and results of your organization

Managers, SITE Directors, Unit managers, HRD:

Findings: 1-difficulty of companies in analyzing their internal functioning, 2-treatment of symptoms rather than causes, 3-numerous costs of operational deficiencies, 4-no transversal analysis tool, 5-long and costly audits.

We carry out the operational diagnosis of your organisation, in reduced time, at an appropriate cost, from a highly innovative application:

  • 4 domains:
    • Production/Services
    • Organization
    • Management
    • Relations
  • 10 Basic themes: time, means, time, control, quality, information system/indicators, posture, assertiveness, agility/creativity.
  • Individual managerial evaluations, as well as internal client/supplier articulations

Get a precise mapping of the operational vitality of your organization, by institutions, cost centre, services, with immediate axes of progress on critical areas and areas of improvement.

Create a repository for measuring the progress of your organization.

The report from the diagnosis: 

Visual, attractive, supported by concise and understandable texts.

1-operational performance indicators, which are declinable at the enterprise level or in each of the predefined segments:

2-Example of “Management” diagnosis on a theme, weighted factual findings:

3-Evaluation of managerial capacities from an evolving perspective:

4-Evaluation of the customer/internal supplier relationship, condition of collective efficiency:

5-Company Barometer: The indicators of digital transformation

6-and other elements of analysis

  • Articulation of collaborators/managers relations
  • necessary but non-existent elements within the company
  • Detailed conclusions with action leads

The DIAGNOSTIC methodology


Questioned person
Hours of interview


In order to be able to perform rapid, accurate and relevant operational diagnostics, we rely on the FASTDIAG WEB application.

This application, developed within BUSINESSCOOL, is supported by INOVIZI which promotes the emergence of innovative companies.

Our ethics

We absolutely want consultants to remain at the heart of the FASTDIAG process in order to bring their expertise, their ethics and their benevolence.

To do that, we have a training that qualifies consultants. At the end of this training, they receive, from BUSINESCOOL, the FastDiag label which gives them the right to use.

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